Canadian Freshwater Fish
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Our Story

The Canadian Freshwater Fish journey began with the founders, Brent Forsyth and Jordan Shannon, identifying a serious decline in inter-generational fishing in Northern Ontario communities. They spoke to northern community members who recalled better times, when their grandfathers fished commercially, providing for their families and contributing to an overall healthier community life. Brent and Jordan learned that the market for fresh water fish was vibrant, and that in some northern communities there was interest in getting back into commercial fishing. As they explored the local industry, attempting to identify buyers for those returning to the fishing traditions, they found a large gap in the market and decided to do something about it, forming Canadian Freshwater Fish. Working with traditional fishing communities, Canadian Freshwater Fish is able to source high quality fish in a sustainable fashion; ensuring customers have access to only the best wild-caught fresh water fish.

Commitment to Quality

Canadian Freshwater Fish is committed to supplying high quality wild-caught fish to consumers across Ontario. Fish are sourced locally from the pristine lakes of Northern Ontario, Canada. Canadian Freshwater Fish maintains close relationships with fishers; together, ensuring the sustainability of fishing practices and a superior product.

Each and every fish is processed following rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure only the very best products reach your table. Look for our QA stamp on your next order!


Canadian Freshwater Fish engages with Northern Ontario fishers to ensure fishing practices aimed at maintaining or increasing local fish populations for the long term. We value having access to local fish today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.


Store Hours

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